At Sensations we believe in making the most of every moment.  Our snacks are inspired by flavours and recipes we’ve discovered from around the world, to deliver evocative aromas, intense flavours and enlivening textures that will really excite your senses.  Come and discover our snacks – a feast for the senses.

Discover the range


To make Sensations potato chips, we start by carefully selecting the best potatoes.  Then we cut them a little thicker for a satisfying crunch, and then season with delicious combinations of flavours inspired from around the world for sensational taste.

Oriental Crackers & Poppadoms

Discover Sensations Poppadoms and Oriental Crackers, inspired by the very best snacks from around the world!  We create light and crispy textures and top them with delicious seasoning – perfect for an evening in.


Sensations Nuts are unbelievably delicious.  Seasoned with exotic flavours you can’t ignore.


Sensations Streetmix is a multi texture, multi flavour adventure into exciting tastes from around the world. Each mix has carefully selected bite-size ingredients inspired by world street markets, for a delicious combination of taste and texture.