At Sensations, we believe in stepping into the extra-ordinary everyday. Our delicious range of crisps and snacks deliver authentic flavours, intense aromas and mouth-watering recipes, evocative of a range of extra-ordinary experiences from enticing destinations to memorable moments with friends and family. We want each and every bite to deliver unforgettable tastes and textures to make your night-in that little bit more special.

Discover the range


To make Sensations potato chips, we start by carefully selecting the best potatoes.  Then we cut them a little thicker for a satisfying crunch, and then season with delicious combinations of flavours inspired from around the world for sensational taste.

Oriental Crackers & Poppadoms

Discover Sensations Poppadoms and Oriental Crackers, inspired by the very best snacks from around the world!  We create light and crispy textures and top them with delicious seasoning – perfect for an evening in.


Sensations Nuts are unbelievably delicious.  Seasoned with exotic flavours you can’t ignore.


Sensations Streetmix is a multi texture, multi flavour adventure into exciting tastes from around the world. Each mix has carefully selected bite-size ingredients inspired by world street markets, for a delicious combination of taste and texture.